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NEW: The Guardian Angel for Pro Tools 12

The Guardian Angel for Protools guards you through the dark side of Pro Tools automation
and is now available for Mac and PC.
Contact me for a personal copy

The Little 6ch Wav Splitter

This tool speeds up the process of splitting 5.1 .wav files into split-mono files
Drag and drop 6ch-wav64, 6ch-bwav or 6ch RF64, it will create a folder and split mono wavs inside
TheLittle6chWavSplitter is based on FFMPEG (under LGPL 2.1)


The Save Reminder

TheSaveReminder is a windows utility reminding you to press ctrl-s regularly.


Wireless Ring Remote for AMS NEVE Encore

Send transport commands without leaving your mixing position
Contact me for further information

The Maisch Conformer

Nuendo now offers fantastic reconforming capabilities,
therefore The Maisch Conformer is discontinued


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